All UNUSED and UNOPENED products purchased through may be returned for a full refund within thirty (30) days following the date of purchase. Minus the cost of shipping label provided. Please contact customer service at for service and support. 

All batteries are partially charged and should not require charging before initial use.

The Aria: 
First make sure the cartridge is getting a good connection.  Ensure the magnetic adapter is screwed onto the bottom of the cart properly.  Check the bottom of the channel where you insert the cart to ensure nothing is interfering causing a bad connection between your cart and the battery.  Because there is a magnet at the bottom of the channel sometimes small fragments will get stuck down there or even pocket lint can get stuck causing a bad connection.  
If the battery is not functioning properly, it is highly suggested that a different cartridge is tried with the battery.  Often the issue is a faulty cartridge where the coil or wick is burnt out. 

The Luna:

The Luna is inhale activated,  the LED indicator at the bottom of the battery glows purple when the battery is in use.   
For charging, screw the included USB to the battery and plug into a USB charger.  The battery will glow purple when charging.  If the battery does not glow when plugged in this indicates the battery is fully charged.  The battery should blink 3 times when removed from the USB charger in either case.
If LED indicator is not glowing when inhale is taken we recommend trying a different cartridge.  Often the issue is a faulty cartridge where the coil or wick is burnt. 

Please try these troubleshooting options.  If the product is still not functioning properly please contact customer service at for service and support.  

Products purchased through that are not working properly after troubleshooting and are not as a result of user error or negligence will be replaced within 60 days of purchase.  
Please contact customer service at for service and support.  Please include full name order was placed under, order date, product name and color, and issue with product. 

PRODUCTS PURCHASED FROM A RETAIL LOCATION: Please return to retail location product was purchased from.  Returns are subject to the policies of the retail